Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pondering Side Tables

Now that we have the perfect glider for our nursery, the search is on for the perfect side table. My first inclination was to go with the trumpet table like Nicole over at MakingitLovely did.

I liked it, but there was still something that was not quite perfect about it. Next, I was loving the the Tray Side Table from west elm.

I still love it, but it might be a little more than I want to spend.

After that I looked for a vintage saarinen tulip table, but it was hard to find one that was in good condition that was reasonably priced.

Then during a stop at the HomeGoods in Mansfield, we stumbled on a drum table that kind of intrigued me (the one on the left).

At only $49.99, the price is right and I think it looks pretty great. I'm not sure how functional it is though. There's not a whole lot of space on the top to place items and it's bowed. Other tables like the tray table could fit a lot more stuff on top, but is more expensive.

Here is a photoshopped pic of the drum table next to the monte glider:

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