Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Empty Again

Well the flooring is being demoed tomorrow, so Nick and I have moved everything off the floors (except the iron table base and the washer and dryer) tonight. It is hilarious to see where we stashed out stuff. The bed is in the middle of the game room surrounded by our dresser and other various pieces throughout the house. We'll have to post pictures of the mad stash.

Hopefully the demo will be finished tomorrow. The tile will be down on Thursday. The wood down on Friday, so it can begin the week to 10 day settling period. If we can get the floors done and the trim finished, we can start/finish the nursery. I swear if one more person tells me I'm nesting I think I'll scream. It's not nesting when you are doing an extensive remodel! We won't be able to be in the house after they stain the floors, so it would be impossible to bring a newborn home to that mess. Let's home she stays in utero until at least her due date! 

I'm extremely excited that this project is finally underway. I know everything will work out even if it doesn't work on my timeline. It's such a feeling of relief to know it is getting done. This house is about to take major steps into becoming what we've desired it to be.

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