Friday, January 16, 2009

Paint Update

After having problems with the sprayer earlier this week and running out of paint continuously, we have the first coat on all 3 bedrooms (all that is left). Tonight I hope to put the final coat on all 3 rooms so we can start to bring the furniture in.

This is a bit tardy (I could not find the Memory card), but here's a pic of the 3 color swatches we were deciding against. L to R: Behr Sand Fossil, Behr Ocean Pearl, Glidden Parchment. As you've read, we went with Sand Fossil. I think (See: Hope) we made the right choice.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Game Room Update

Sunday I spent most of the day (more like all of it) working on the media room, trying to get all of the wires run and the boxes set up. Last night I finished up the first part, and this picture is the result of my hard work. I think it turned out pretty well. Sorry about the pic quality, I had the breakers flipped and had little light to work with.
I still need to install the rear speakers and the tv wall mount. Then I can begin to set everything up.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Painting Coming Along

We have no internet, so the blogging is not coming along as well as we would like, but I will update as much as possible.

When we got back, the drywall work was done and we have been painting as much as possible. The entry is pretty much done along with both living areas. We picked a color from Behr called Sand Fossil (770C-3). Overall I would say we are happy with the color.

This weekend we hope to be able to paint our bedroom and the laundry room. I have some more electrical work to do and I also hope that I can get our TV and surround sound set up this weekend.