Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Problem Not

We will go with Bentwoods (#2 Viennas - sorry to change lingo on you but we found out that's what the style is actually called) for the formal dining. We actually never really said it out loud. We just started buying chairs. At one point I did ask (after several purchases were already made), "So are we going to do all bentwoods?" (I just wasn't sure if Nick had ruled out the mismatched thing.)

We bought 1 chair at Benbrook Antique Mall. Then another the following day at Handley Antique Mall (sorry they don't have a web site so here's their location).

I'm sure you notice that they are different. Oops. Of course the color but that won't matter because we are going to paint them anyway. We failed to see that our first chair had little arm-ish brace to the side while the second chair was clean just like the Viennas from Crate & Barrel. We thought okay not a huge deal. We like the cleaner look, so we will pay more attention when we look next time. We will focus on the cleaner look and hope to find more beautiful ones in no time.

We started to feel a little discouraged because we weren't finding any. (That's the way antiquing go - Ron Washington voice). We headed back over to Handley because they had 2 there that we didn't buy the first time because we thought we could find sturdier ones somewhere else. They had 1 left! The guy who owns the store asked if we were looking for more bentwoods. (I think he could read it on our face.) He said the lady up the street had 4 chairs yesterday at $5 a chair (cue mouth drop to the floor pose). We bought our 1 chair there for $18 (since we still needed more even if we bought the ones up the street) and headed up the street.

There were 4 bentwood on the lawn of A Little Old, A Little New with a sign $5 a chair. One of the chairs was broken at the back, so we though okay we will just get 3 of them. The owner was so sweet she said she'd throw in the 4th in case we needed it for parts (haha as if we are that handy). She said they were in her carriage house that she is trying to remodel. (They come with a story too bonus.) Plus they were having a sale, so our total was just under $13 when we checked out.

We skipped the whole way home. Then we noticed something.

Oh yes friends there was like no attention to detail on our parts here. I noticed there weren't side arm brace things and that the seat had sort of an emblem (which I thought was cool and wouldn't be noticeable enough in relation to the other chairs). I blame the price tag. The chairs are actually like the ones DWR sell for $175 a chair. DWR calls them the Era chair. So now we have 3 chairs that look like the Vienna style bentwoods from C&B and 4 (technically 3 since 1 is broke) that look like the Era style bentwood from DWR. What are we going to do now? Find more Vienna's? Eras? Actually learn from our mistakes? (haha no that last 1 is way overrated)