Friday, August 13, 2010

Seriously Dad?

Tonight Ramona let me know that I might have been going to Home Depot a little too often lately...Maybe she's right.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eat on this, Not on that...

So last week, I took a day off of work because we thought our dogs had mange and we needed to take them to the vet (they don't, just dry skin). So in order to celebrate the good news, we decided to do what we always do: hit up shops and look for crap for the house.

First we went to the fabric outlets off of Harry Hines in Dallas. These places are like the mecca of cheap fabrics in the DFW area, as long as you can handle the no A/C situation that they have working (I sweated my balls off). We snagged some drapery lining for for about $2/yd (Amber told me that was a good price, but she's probably lying). She's got about 324.3 sets of drapes to sew right now. GET TO SEWING AMBER!

Then we went to ikea and bought a frame and a bath mat. I know what you're thinking at this point, and yes, we are super rich.

Then, and here's the big one, we stopped into the Wills family not so super secret source for furniture, WEIRS in Southlake. While we were there, we saw this table and could not believe the price. It was a special manufacturer closeout and only 399 buckaroos. That's right a 112 inch, solid wood dining table (that is quite beautiful if I do say so myself) for less than $400.

We couldn't believe it. We weren't intending on buying a dining table that night, but we couldn't pass this sucker up. After having a hernia a piece, Mark (the father-in-law) and I got it in the door. It weighs 3000 pounds, I swear. The next night, we cleaned out the formal dining area and voila, we have a new table. The herringbone detail on the top is sexier than Rita from Dexter.

We still have a lot to do on the formal: Slipcover the chairs and re-stain the legs, get a rug, get a buffet (maybe), make drapes, new light fixture....

But it feels good to have gotten the major piece at such a discount. The style is a bit traditional, but I think we can make it look great.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Super Blog Mega Update, Great Job!

[Picture of the Ramo-hawk has no relevance, I just think it's funny]

Hey dude, can I ask you a question? So uh.... what happened to July? Did I Rip Van Winkle that biatch or what? I mean, it was just June last week and now it's August. What the F dude, what... the.... F?

So what's been happening man? What have you been doing on your blog hiatus?

Well Let's see what has happened since I was last flabbergasted by the inordinant amount occasional seating:

  • Landscaping: still sucks
  • Pool: Looks better
  • Bought a sofa
  • Bought a big ass dining table
  • Started painting the kitchen, putting the knobs on the cabinets
  • Finished Ramona's side table
  • Restored the finish on the cane chairs (using the Restor-A-Finish stuff from your gramma's garage)
  • Took seats off of cane chair, currently trying to find the perfect charcoal-y linen-y textural fabric to reupholster them with (any suggestions people?)
  • Been to about a million antique/thrift stores looking for goodies...
Blogging has been my red headed step child lately. Our nights generally go like this:

6:00 I get home from work. We cook dinner, clean up (maybe), and try to spend a little time together as a family.
7:30 Ramona goes to bed. Amber and I look passionately into each other's eyes. Steamy love making ensues (not really).
7:45 We begin doing things around the house: staining, painting, sanding, priming, caulking (spelled correctly, I assure you) and all kinds of other home improvement goodness
9:30-10:30 We finish whatever we were working on that night, sit down, turn on the TiVo and start catching up on other people's blogs.

So, once you figure in all the time we spend doing it, we've had little time left for the blog, but we're working on it, I promise.