Monday, August 24, 2009

Nursery Splurge

We've been pretty reasonable so far about nursery items. We're doing a lot of ikea and other bargain furniture stores. The one item that we decided we could not live without was a monte luca glider.

We have fought it for a while, and looked for substitutes, but we just can't find anything that compares. The reviews have all been off the charts and the look speaks for itself. Honestly, it was love at first sight. Here's Amber about 6 months ago at baby bliss in Dallas, sitting in the orange version pouring over fabric swatches for monte and dwell studio (both of which we love).

So tonight was the night when we finally pulled the trigger. Let's hope we don't regret it. No one else who has done the same thing as us (cheap on everything but the glider) has seemed to.

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