Monday, December 27, 2010

So we aren't the best bloggers

We made a mad dash of last minute projects and a serious (slightly unrealistic) to do list for Ramona's birthday in October. We were so overloaded with the amount of home improvements and the tight time line. We scrapped the whole blogging thing and figured we would catch you up later. (And by you I mean the 2 other people who even read this blog other than us.)

So here's the run down...(and sorry for the black dot in the corner of all the pictures not sure what's up with the camera)

We repainted the entry, hallway, and formal living. Technically, this was not a must since we painted when we moved in. However, Nick could not stand the sheen. Thus, we repainted. Oh yeah since we repainted those areas we had to repaint the ceilings in those areas too. (Worst. Thing. Ever.) We decided to paint the ceilings white so we wouldn't have to ever do it again if we changed our mind on the color.

That was a good call in theory, but it took us more coats with the ceiling paint than with the awesome wall color we used. We will never paint with anything other than Behr Premium Plus. It has amazing coverage. We only had to do 1 coat and some touch ups.

We were back and forth on the color at first. Nothing looked quite right, so Nick changed out the can light bulbs in the formal from the energy efficient ones to the normal indoor flood lights. That did it we found our color, Sculptor Clay and painted our heart out.

We started to change our dining room light. Then scraped that idea and just cleaned and kept it. It's very Anthropologie-esque.

We painted the remainder of the kitchen. (We had already bought the paint for it from Sherwin Williams, so we didn't get to use Behr.) We attempted to take the fur downs out when we realized there was a pipe for the AC unit hiding up there. We decided not to tackle that now since we were under a budget and time crunch.

We painted one wall in the kitchen chalkboard. While I was painting it, I thought this is either going to be epic or a total fail. Luckily, we love it. It has been so much fun. We have used it for her birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a few to do lists! It's a statement and a lot of fun!

I painted the bath and 1/2 bath. I do not love the color, but I just kept going because we didn't have the time. It's a Martha Stewart paint from Home Depot. Again we did this before we discovered the awesome-ness of Behr. The coverage of the paint is horrible. I will repaint later.

We replaced the toilets in the bath and 1/2 bath. Along with a new pedestal in the 1/2 bath.

I made 9 (yes seriously 9) panels of drapes. The formal living room got 4... and the kitchen got 5. They are a bit messy so don't examine them too closely!

and the kitchen got 5. They are a bit messy so don't examine them too closely!

I am getting tired just blogging about this. It was so exhausting for us. We got to work as soon as Ramona went to bed and did not stop until midnight every night for weeks on end. My mom took Ramona one night so we could paint the living, hall, and entry. We didn't want her around the fumes. Plus she would get into everything!

Thus, the exhaustion is to blame for the abandoned blog and stopped home improvement afterwards because we were burnt out on house everything.

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