Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Layout Set in My Corner

I think I have the bones in place for the sew corner. The decor and details aren't there yet, but here's what we are working with people. I moved the table against the other wall. My heart still pounds a little fast when I think about it, but I'll just have to lock the door when I'm sewing so no one can sneak up on me. I stole Ramona's 4x4 Expedit shelf. Sorry baby girl. Actually, I think she will like it better because when we get a 2x4 Expedit for her room I think there will be enough space left for a slide of some sort which is her hearts desire.

My punch list for this room includes but is not limited too...
  • obviously a task chair (I like the Jules from Ikea, but I don't really care for the color choices.)
  • a better solution for the thread
  • more fabric because well I have 2 empty slots and that's just not ok
  • mount a shelf above the table
  • add decor like maybe a letter A and possibly a drawing from Nick
I think this is definitely a starting point. I feel like I can cross craft room off my to do list and just work on the punch list as I find things that fit my needs.

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