Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Craft Room...er well corner

I really wanted to have my craft room set up while I am on Christmas break. The problem is this is sort of my area, so that means I'm the one who has to do all the setting up and decision making. I'm not so good at all that. Mainly because I'm lazy, but regardless I have no choice here.

I bought the rug on overstock. I got one of the last 3 they had left because it was featured on a blog I follow. Of course you'll notice from that blog post that it's a Jonathan Adler copy which of course is a win-win in the Wills house.

I know this pictures looks a little weird because the rug should run the other way with the table length but it's too long for the space that way. I would just turn the table against the other wall, but that means my back will be to the door while I craft which gives me anxiety just thinking about it.

I was going to move Ramona's 4x4 EXPEDIT shelf into the room and get her a 2x4. However I think I might leave the big one in her room and get myself the smaller one or just buy a bigger one for me. I am not sure yet. (Again the whole research thing.) The real struggle is I want it done right. The thing with a craft room is I don't think it's something that will ever be "finished." I mean I need to just get a general idea of what I want, set it up that way, then use it, and make changes along the way.

I am doing my research though, so here are a few craft room that I lust after.

This is what I was originally thinking...

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