Sunday, June 20, 2010

8. You heard me, 8.

That's the number of chairs we have sitting in the formal living that are needing to be reupholstered or restained or repaired or have a slip cover made for or some combination of all of them.


You probably saw this coming if you read my post about me attending the dallas flea. The cane back chairs beckoned us.

Amber has been lusting after cane back chairs for a while and we've discussed 2 or 3 different finds thoroughly. For one reason or another, we didn't pull the trigger on any of them. Since these were a great deal (only $95 for the pair), we decided to go ahead and add them to our collection of projects.

Here they are with their siblings. Waiting patiently to be redone. I think the cushion will need new foam, but I love the detailing of the legs and the little wheels on the front legs add a lot of interest.

Now, we need to decide what to do with them. Maybe we will paint them white and reupholster them in a bright, punchy fabric

or maybe we will ebonize them and reupholster in a neutral, calming fabric

So many decisions to make...

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