Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dallas Flea

Today Amber needed to work on her paper. So Ramona and I headed over to the Dallas Flea so that she could keep focused. We'd never been before, but it had a lot of etsy artists that we're familiar with, so we had a good feel for what it'd be like.

**Sorry about the crappy iphone pics**

When we walked in there was a vendor who was selling all sorts of lamps. The prices were $60-$100 for table lamps and $180 for floor lamps. Not too expensive, but not too cheap either. Not sure of this vendors name.

By far, my favorite booth of the day was little bean shop. I got to talk to one of the owners (the husband) for a sec and he seemed like a really nice guy.

They had all kinds of cool baby clothes made by the owner

and they also had a really cool selection of other handmade items

Their shop is in Dallas and we will definitely be checking it out when we are in the area.

My other favorite shop was bows and arrows. They were at the etsy dallas spring bash this year and I talked to the owner for a sec. He was very cordial as well.

They carried a few areaware items (the piggy bank and rollerskate) which I am a big fan of (Amber not so much). I also really liked their quirky pillow selection too, especially the two seen below.

The also had a cool selection of purses, dolls, artwork, etc. All of it was really cool.

But the real winner to me was this

A pair of cane back club chairs. $95 for the pair. We've been looking around for these and are going to try and get them this week.

Overall, it was worth the trip out there even though we did not purchase anything. We learned a lot and may even purchase those chairs this week (if still available).

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