Sunday, May 9, 2010

We shall call you.... Craigslist chair.

This past week Amber has acquired a new hobby. She looks on craigslist for interesting furniture. While there have been quite a few interesting pieces on there, the chair in the picture is the first one we pulled the trigger on.

It was on there for only $30, so we called up the man and (after trying unsuccessfully to work them down to $20) we agreed to meet him that afternoon.

I was a bit skeptical. The photos on craigslist were not that great and I figured it would be a piece of junk. When we got there and saw the chair however, we couldn't believe how good of condition it was in (aside from the cat hair on it).

We purchased it and after stopping at Fuzzy's taco shop for dinner with Allen and Sara (sorry about the wait guys!), we brought it home.

We plan on getting it reupholstered and maybe re-staining the arms and legs. We've already begun gathering quotes. Here it is next to the Bernhardt chair we picked up last year (another steal).

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Jamie W said...

saw this tonight and thought of your recent craigslist purchase.