Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chill Out...

This spring as it started to heat up the east side of our house was heating up as well. The A/C was blowing, but it wasn't cooling off. The inside unit was kicking on, but the outside unit was not.

Saturday morning I went to work on it. Initially, I replaced the capacitor to the fan motor. It was bad, out of spec, and had to be replaced anyways. Unfortunately, it did not solve the issue. Next, I replaced the capacitor to the compressor. Once I sent power back to the unit, the compressor powered on. One problem down, but unfortunately the fan didn't turn on still.

The last option was to replace the fan motor on the unit. I took it apart at about 8:00pm and took it up to Metroplex Electric Motor Service that night. We took it apart, and it was all burnt up.

At about 11:30pm he had a new motor ready. The next morning I woke up early to replace the motor, and once I got it in there.....VOILA! We had cool air on the east side of the house again.

Dave at metroplex electric was so impressed with my handyman skills that he told me that I might look into a career in A/C repair (I probably won't).

Fixing it was a great feeling, especially since I saved us about $1000 in parts and labor. First I stood under the vent in the kitchen enjoying the cold air (it was only 68 degrees outside but I didn't care). Then I did a celebratory running man (with a couple gratuitous pelvic thrusts).Then I called my dad to ask him how it felt to be the father of the smartest man alive right, he said he wouldn't know.

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