Friday, May 7, 2010

Hello, Old friend...

I generally hate blogs in which every post contains an apology from the author for never posting. So, in an effort to avoid that, I will resort to letting you know what has been going on for the last 5 months: a lot and a little.

So much stuff has been going on in our lives since baby R got here, that we've had little time for home projects. Add on top of that the tight financial quarters that we've been operating in and we haven't been able to pay anyone else to do work on the house either.

The last 5 months, we haven't been bad at chronicling our home improvement adventures, we've been bad at having them.

Now as every teacher's best friend (summer) approaches, we are beginning to get a second wind (actually it may be fourth or fifth at this point) on improving our little abode. Our goal is to have it at least presentable by Ramona's first birthday party. There's a lot of furniture to buy to get us to that point, but we're working diligently.

Stay tuned, we may actually have another post this month....

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