Monday, December 28, 2009

What a whip

I worked all day...seriously all day. I only stopped when Ramona wanted to eat or needed to be changed. What did I get done? When you look at it basically nothing, but I cleaned the shower and the vanity in the master bath. I know that doesn't sound like much, but here's the breakdown. I wiped the nasty drawers in the vanity down and put some sweet green paisley contact paper down. I organized all the drawers and under the sink because we seriously needed it. I wiped the drawer and cabinet faces down with bleach wipes because they were gross. Then I cleaned the shower. Here's what it looks like now.

Pay no attention to the clutter in the mirror. I haven't gotten that far yet. I was just absolutely fed up today and figured I would start in the master bathroom and work my way out. I didn't think I would take me all day to do 2 things. I initially told myself to just clean and declutter and NO perfecting it, NO deep cleaning, and DEFINITELY NOT putting contact paper down until things were more manageable. Well I didn't listen to myself. It's done now though and I am glad. I think the problem is we are always trying to play catch up. We've lived in chaos for so long waiting for the remodel to be done and telling ourselves well one day we will change this...fill in the blank.

I think that's the most difficult part of taking on the huge project that is our house. We need to just accept that the majority is finished (thank you home improvement loan) and make the rest of the house our own working on it at a later, undetermined date. We know that the bathroom is not going to undergo a major (and much needed) face lift in the near future, so we need to clean it up and live with it until then.

Ramona will be getting into everything soon enough, so we are now on a new strict timeline. We can't have her crawling around in this mess. We'll see how much I get done tomorrow...maybe I'll actually get out of the bathroom! I hope our sweet girl is as wonderful tomorrow as she was for me today!

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