Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Organization Sensation

I finished up the master bath tonight. There isn't any more clutter! Of course there are still some issues with the master bath that we need to tackle. There is not a towel rack in the bathroom nor is there a good place to put one. We have a hook near the sink that we had been using, but it doesn't allow the towels to dry and it is so close to the wall that it gets moldy. We need a better solution for our towels besides having them on the bathtub where they are now, any suggestions?

What a good looking closet! Nick and I both rid the closet of unwanted clothes and put everything else in an orderly place. All my purses are up in their dust bags waiting to be returned to my shoulder when I no longer need a diaper bag...so basically years and years.

What a relief to have that finished! I am going to tackle the master bedroom tomorrow. We really need to get the living room and kitchen done because we have friends coming over for New Years. I get fixed on a system though, and it's difficult for me to stray from it. Plus it's working! Things are finally get done. I keep telling Nick if he puts something where it doesn't belong I'm going to kill him.

I figured I would get the master finished tomorrow (hopefully), and then focus on the areas that need to be done for New Years on Thursday.


The Parkers said...

Hey Amber,
A good solution to that towel situation is to get one of those heated towel bars. Not only is it practical, it's a luxury too! It can be free-standing or wall-mounted.

Jamie said...

Try a robe hook mounted just outside the shower. That's what we have and it works well.