Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh the joys

Well I spent 7 hours working at the school, so I didn't so much work on the house this weekend. Nick and I bought stuff to clean up the brown pool (seriously I think someone took a poo in it). I figured I would leave school early (well like 4ish) and clean out some of those leaves that are completely covering the bottom pool.

After 10 minutes, I realized a couple of things.

a. There are more leaves in this pool than there in the whole world.

b. Cleaning out a pool is not enjoyable.

c. I just might get rock hard abs from lifting the overloaded leaf net out of the brown pool over and over and over...

I poured 2 pounds of chlorine into the pool because that's what the guy at the pool supply store said to do. Hopefully that will help clear it up a little if we can just get those leaves out. Of course it rained a lot tonight, so I'm guessing about million more leaves found their way into the pool.

I over filled the garbage bag with wet leaves, so I was stuck with nothing else to do while I waited for Nick to get off work. I checked to see if the shock was clearing anything up. There was a turtle trying to get out of the pool, but I poured the shock near the steps. I got the net and pulled him out. I let him down by the back gate, so he could find his way to the pond on the golf course. He was a quick little turtle by the time Nick got there he was no where in sight! He looked exactly like the picture ears and all.

I really can't wait to get the pool clean. I will feel like I've accomplished something. Plus it will be one more thing we can cross off the mile long list! I just hope I didn't kill any turtles that may or may not have been left in the pool.

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