Friday, December 12, 2008

Inspiration #1

Finals are over, so it's back to work on the house now. I thought I would try keep track of some of the items that I've been using to get ideas. I always gravitate towards a neutral color palette, so that's pretty much a reoccurring theme through these.

I really dig the layout of this bedoom. It's big like ours, and similarly has a fireplace, so I can see us drawing a lot of ideas from this. Don't really like the drapes though.

Other view of the bedroom. I like the clustered frames over the mantle.

I like this bathroom. Not sure if I can use anything out of it though.

I think that I really like this shower and wall color combo. The vanity is a bit too modern, but the colors are nice.

I mainly just really like these fixtures.

I love the cabinets (not the doors), but the hardware is cool. The countertops (honed granite - absolute black) are fantastic and the backsplash is great.

I love this chair for some reason.

I love these floors and the simplicity of this room.

same deal.

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