Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seat Situation

What chairs are you thinking for the dining room? What about...

Oh the topic of much conversations these past couple of weeks. We currently have 4 chairs from craigslist which we have talked about slipcovering but will most likely end up back on craigslist. We've always wanted wingbacks to flank the end of the table like these discontinued beauties from West Elm.

Wingbacks for the end is pretty much a solid, going-to-happen-eventually thing. It's the rest of the chairs around the table we need to figure out. Here is our brainstorming thusfar.

1. Faux Eames (because we are too cheap/can't afford real ones/not worth the extra $$)

These are 99 per chair, so roughly 769 (with shipping) total since we need 6. I was sold on getting these before we decided to overthink be thorough on this decision making process. We could get these chairs from overstock for 139 cheaper, but they only sell white.

2. Vienna Side Chair from Crate & Barrel

I dig these chairs. It might be my new found love of Boardwalk Empire (thank you HBO). Originally I thought we might just round up a bunch of these from flea markets, etc, but I don't know if we can find 6. Then we would have to paint them. However it may be worth it since our grand total would be 821.40 if we purchased these new.

3. Jackson Metal Tub Chair from World Market

The more we think about this option the more we think it's not for us. I like them yes but I'm not sure it's the feel we want. These are 109.99 per chair, so 659.94 + tax. Overstock has some similar that are 197.99 for four ( which would put us at 395.98. Overstocks look shinier plus we don't need 8.

4. Random collection of chairs from random places painted the same color
Of course there is no source for these said random chairs, but here is some inspiration for you so you don't think we are crazy to envision with us.

This is Sarah Jessica Parker's Dining Room

via Decorologist *Note I can still have a Vienna chair

There is no defined amount for this option since you never know what you're going to find. The price per chair could be from $15 to $50 which is cheaper than the previous option. However we then need to factor in painting the chairs which for materials, etc shouldn't be too terrible. Rather it shouldn't be more total that all the previous options. Of course this option is appealing because it means we can have 6 different chairs that we like (in addition to the wingbacks). We found a chair when we were antiquing in Denton this weekend that I loved, but sadly I had no purpose for. This would give me an excuse to buy it and other exciting chair finds. Coincidentally, this is also slightly unappealing because it may lead me on an extended search for 6 "just right" chairs that seemingly has no end in sight. Okay I take that back it doesn't sound that unappealing after all.

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