Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All Quiet On The Wills Family Front

Hello Blog. Long time no see. I hope you are doing well.

I hate that it's been 4 and a half months since my last post, but seeing as you are a home improvement blog and very little home improvement has been done, it makes some sense. Having left roadrunner for VHA (and acquiring a commute)in March and finished up my masters degree this May, you could say life just got in the way. Lest ye fear , updates aplenty are coming down the pipe (hopefully).

We've gotten back into the groove in the last couple of weeks and are looking forward to knocking out some big issues in the next couple of weeks. We've been picking out appliances, flooring, paint colors etc. and I expect it all to hit in a quick manner. Also, we're going to give our front landscaping a complete overhaul shortly.

Also, if you weren't aware, we are having a little girl. Oct 3 is the projected due date.

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