Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Since we closed the day before Thanksgiving, we didn't go over to the house the next day. Black Friday was a different story. Amber was sick, so she wasn't able to do much. Instead, Cody stayed with us for the weekend and helped a lot.

We started at 3am, lining up at Fry's. I got pretty much everything I was wanting (mainly items for the game room):
  • LG 52" 120Hz LCD TV
  • Sony BlueRay Player
  • Polk Audio Surround Sound Speakers
After that we spent the day moving items over from Homewood to the garage.

We don't want to move too much into the house right now until we finish our pre-move updates (more on those later). So as for now, it's just nice to have a bigger garage.

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